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Extension Libraries

Most all the libraries can be downloaded by clicking here.

OpenGL Libraries

You will need to have OpenGL installed to get compiles to work. If your platform doesn't have its own OpenGL, then you can download the Mesa libraries. Mesa 3.1 is out and the next few revisions will start to incorporate some of the official OpenGL code since SGI seems to be opening this up more and more.


If you wish to include support for the NetCDF and HDF file formats, you must download and compile the libraries. For HDF, only the 4.1 libraries are compatible. The CDF version available from the above libs link is fixed so that conflicting symbols are not a problem.

Open Source Motif Libraries

The user interface requires Motif libraries. You can now download open source Motif from the MotifZone. For an LGPL version check out lesstif.


  • As of version 4.0.7 of OpenDX, new code has been added to allow for more export formats. This requires the ImageMagick libraries to be installed. John Cristy has provided a good way to add formats without writing all the code ourselves. If you want the full effect, you will want to compile most of the other libraries listed in the ImageMagick formats. To compile a full version of ImageMagick, you may need additional libraries available from the link above. Make sure to use ImageMagick 5.2 or better.

For Windows, you may need tools from Cygnus 

  • cygwin - The Cygwin tools are ports of the popular GNU development tools and utilities for Windows 95, 98, and NT. They function by using the Cygwin library which provides a UNIX-like API on top of the Win32 API.