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Introduction to Tutorial for IBM Visualization Data Explorer in the Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences
These programs illustrate examples of the class of data visualizations that can be generated by IBM Visualization Data Explorer for correlative data analysis in the earth and space sciences.

Cornell Theory Center Virtual Workshop Module for OpenDX
The Virtual Workshop (VW) is an entirely over-the-network program for studying high performance computing. You work at your own pace from your home machine, with access to CTC materials, machines, and staff. Topics include parallel computing (MPI), performance issues, visualization (OpenDX), and HPF.

Visualization of CERES Data Products Using IBM Data Explorer (DX)
IBM Visualization Data Explorer (or simply Dx) is a general purpose software package for scientific data visualization and analysis. Dx networks (visualization codes) have been developed for viewing the CERES data products listed below.

The Starlink Data Explorer Cookbook
IBM Data Explorer, DX, is the visualisation package recommended by Starlink, particularly for the visualisation of three-dimensional scalar and vector data. It is a powerful and flexible package capable of generating sophisticated visualisations of complex data. However, a necessary consequence of this complexity is that it is non-trivial to use and it is necessary to invest a certain amount of time to learn to use it effectively. This document is an aid to learning to use DX.

Using Scientific Visualization
This module introduces concepts of scientific visualization and shows examples of the application of visualization to data. It is intended for an audience which has access to UNIX workstations and who wish to learn how to produce their own visualization material.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute CS Department
This site's primary goal is to give users at WPI a central location to get an introduction to DX, showcase the use of DX on the WPI campus, and to provide a clearinghouse for DX networks.

A fast approach to OpenDX
OpenDX is as simple as grace, and you can get your data displayed in seconds only I was extremely frustrated the first time I tried to use it because of the way the documentation was written. Here's a tutorial to help get you started quickly.

Dalhousie Physical Oceanography Tutorial
Although this tutorial was designed for users at Dalhousie Physical Oceanography, it was be useful to other DX users as well.