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DNA microarray ("gene chip") data.

Gene chips allow you to measure the expression levels of thousands of genes at once in a given tissue. A typical data set assays some number of samples (a few to a few dozen) in order to assess changes in expression between the samples. The study was done by the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation.


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Structural and Functional MRI Rendering

Overlay structural and functional MRI data and render in 3D. Brain extraction and registration of structural and functional data into Talarich space was accomplished using FSL. The Structural Data is rendered as a transparent brain to provide a functional data reference. Activation for auditory and mathematic processing is depicted in red and green, respectively.
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Publications and Presentations

3D Visualization: What Does it Mean?
Originally presented at the XII International Conference on the Use of Computers in Radiation Therapy (ICCR), May 27-30, 1997, Salt Lake City, UT. Slides analyzing dose volume histogram and voxel vs. point data issues were added for the presentation ``3D Image Quality Assessment,'' RAHD 3rd Annual Users Meeting, Park City, UT, January 19-21, 1998.

Visualization of Historical Wildfire Data: Application of a DX-Oracle Interface
A link between the Oracle database management system and IBM's Data Explorer (DX) scientific visualization software was developed. DX tools provide the capability to create more sophisticated visualizations than may be possible with a Geographic Information System (GIS). The technology is demonstrated on visualization of historical wildfire data from an Oracle database overlayed on data layers from a GIS.


A fast approach to OpenDX
OpenDX is as simple as grace, and you can get your data displayed in seconds only I was extremely frustrated the first time I tried to use it because of the way the documentation was written. Here's a tutorial to help get you started quickly.

Dalhousie Physical Oceanography Tutorial
Although this tutorial was designed for users at Dalhousie Physical Oceanography, it was be useful to other DX users as well.