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02/20/18 at 05:42:19

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rectangular to cylindrical warped grid (Read 3904 times)
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rectangular to cylindrical warped grid
11/11/13 at 03:33:02
Hi All,
I am visualising measurements from a cylindrical duct. I used the method detailed in the WarpedGrid.net example. An image is produced but contains the following errors:
1. In my rectangular grid the y coordinate points start at 1.9 m and not 0 m. This creates a region which is not interpolated in the centre of the image. Please advise what modules do I use to ensure this region is interpolated?
2. The warped grid image produces edges on the circumference. I would like it to be completely circular. I assume this can be done with an OpenDX module. Any advice would be appreciated.
Many thanks,
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