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Native compilation (Read 4163 times)
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Native compilation
12/25/09 at 13:58:46
Hi All,
By now I have managed to compile dxexec with Visual Studio 2005 natively.
Cygwin is only used for generating some source files. (I know that there is a
directory to place the Visual Studio compiler in the cygwin environment, but
I would like to have a fully native version for Windows.)
I had to make some minor modifications.  
Where should I submit patches, if there is any interest for it?
I also had to correct at least one problem with file reading until now. (This was
discovered by testing the native version.) Patch is available if somebody would
take it.
Suggestions and questions: I have noticed that DX is based on float data type and
not double. For example array data is created as float and never as double.
However there are quite a few places where double is mixed with float. I would
like to correct these problems if there is somewhere to submit patches.
Furthermore more documentation and code clean is required, I think. Some file
naming seems to me really awkward. Unit testing would also be nice, to test the changes
in Unix and Windows.
I could do some of it slowly. Would this help?
Sorry for the so many questions, but I think that DX is a "beautiful" code but it lies
somehow "dormant" for a while.
Peter Ivanyi
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